Kalco was founded by Kenneth Avery Lawson in early 2004. The Lawson family has a long history in the machine design & manufacturing industry, starting in 1959 with his father, Avery Lawson who was co-founder of Bouldin & Lawson Inc., one of the largest manufacturer of Automated Greenhouse Equipment.

Mr. Lawson started his design abilities in 1988 with another of his father's companies, Central Manufacturing Company, which manufactured tractor implements for the Nursery Industry.

Soon after, in 1995 Mr. Lawson was founder and CEO of Lawson Equipment Company, one of the country's leading producers of innovative attachments for the mini skid steer industry. Lawson Equipment Company was sold to Pengo Corporation, which was subsequently sold to Metapoint Partners in 2002, which also owns Attachments Technologies Inc. (ATI Bradco).

In the early part of 2003 Mr. Lawson was one of the key members of the Founding Management Group for Compact Power Inc. (CPI) in South Carolina, one of the Nations leading Compact Equipment Distributors. Mr. Lawson was Manager of CPI's attachment design and procurement effort.

In 2004 Mr. Lawson decided to use his many years of industry experience to produce the Lawson Heritage Line of Equipment for the Horticulture Industry. To bring the quality, price and service back to the industry and to carry on his family name and heritage.