Thank you for your interest in our 3D model viewing software. This software will help you view concept products that have been designed on our solid modeling software. Below are instructions on how to download and run the product. We hope you enjoy it!

Downloading the Software

First click the download button below. A window will appear asking you to run or save the file, it is best if you save the file on your desktop or put it in a folder you can remember. Go to the folder and click the file to install.  (The file is over 12 mb).


Once you have installed the program, there are a couple things that will help you to enhance the use of the software. When you first open the program, go to View, Tool Bars and check both Standard View and Large Buttons. This will give you the positioning icons to use. Another help tip is when you open a file into the model software, click the shade button once and the model will look like a line drawing, and then click the shade button again, and the model is a solid again. This will reset the shaded areas of the model from having poor visuals.

After downloading and installed the software, you can click on any of the photos below to download the file and view the model.

Products Designed by Kalco Corp

Aluminum Cast Cover

Parts Breakout

Aluminum Cast Base