Kalco Corporation manufactures a broad line of equipment that will suit your needs, including Flat Fillers, Bale Processor, Mixers, Conveyors, Chemical Hoppers, Water Chambers and Inline Soil Mixing Systems.

Custom Design

Kalco Corporation has many years experience in system design, integration and electrical systems to get the best possible system configuration for your money.

Equipment Rebuilds

Kalco Corporation can take the old and turn it into almost new to help the bottom line of your annual budget. Of course we would like to sale new equipment, but we also know reality is that some times we have to save as much as possible.

Replacement Parts

Kalco Corporation can produce and sometimes have in stock other major brands similar to our horticulture line of equipment replacement parts, from chain flight, bearings, sprockets, motors, gearboxes to fabricated metal components. Just call use to see if we can help you.